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Veterans Traveling War Museum War uniforms

Traveling Veteran War Museum 

Experience history with our museum, and remember those who have served. We are passionate about telling the stories of the brave men and women who have fought for this country over our history.

Discover & Learn

We pride ourselves on our flexibility, so we tailor our museum for each event to the needs of the school, club, or organization. We accommodate anything from one-time shows to ongoing monthly series. Our museum is perfect for all ages and will be sure to be a highlight on your calendar! 

The museum can provide a variety of different options and accommodations we can make based on the size of the location and if the museum will be held indoors or outdoors. Our museum contains uniforms from the American Civil War all the way through now to the present. The uniforms have been collected over many years and have been donated from around the world.


Book the Museum Today

For an indoor venue show, this is when we bring our displays into a building. We set up keeping in mind the safety of the people viewing the items and at the same time being aware not to cause any damage to the building. For an outdoor venue, we bring a 20-foot trailer in which viewers can enter and view displays that are behind glass on both sides. This is a good option for locations where gaining entrance to a building may be difficult and it allows easy clean-up afterward. At fundraising events, we charge six dollars per person to enter and a dollar of that gets donated to the location. We also we give the location the option of selling food and drink this can bring in extra revenue however if the location does not provide food or drink we can bring our own snack options to sell.

Once an organization books our museum for an event we will ask them to do the advertising only because in most cases we do not know what kind of advertising is best in your area. If you have any booking questions please contact us at (719) 647-0394.

The items in our museum showcase the evolution of War uniforms and are meant to honor our fallen Veterans. You will be able to experience history and War stories from the owner, a retired disabled Combat War Veteran, with our traveling museum.

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